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I haven’t posted here for a long long time. And I think it’s about time that got fixed.

Since I last posted I have done a lot. I have finished my helicopter project, acquired a coffee machine, finished another Kinect related project and done A LOT of tinkering.


It’s website time

sitefull20percentSo as you can probably see, it has been a very long time since I last posted! Well this would be because of the workload from my 3rd Year Project working with the Kinect. Well that’s completed now, and I won an award for it, and now I’m using all that expertise in my 4th Year Project!

But here’s some new information, I have been building a website, it’s hosted by GitHub and I have a nice url to go with it, it’s Check it out. It’s not much to look at the moment but as time progresses it will contain a lot more information about my projects and in particular, processing with the Kinect. And I can foresee that most of all the code will be developed on a mac for macs 🙂 apart from of course all the code thats developed for Arduino and other platforms like that…Raspberry Pi.

I will also be working on a way to get some sort of blog set up on that site too, so this blog may actually become redundant… but I think it’s probably for the best because I’ll be able to share to code and how I did it with the internet.

In the mean time…


Let’s Begin

So heres my first post 🙂 This site will contain lots of things that I get up to with my projects and ideas.

One project which I should be talking a lot about at the moment is my 3rd Year Project which involves me using the 3D imaging of the Kinect to track a small RC Helicopter around a room and control it. It will involve the use of Arduino to help me send IR commands to the Helicopter from my computer. And finally all this will be done on my Mac 🙂

When I have been looking around not he internet there really doesn’t seem to be much use of Mac’s in this sort of field of Engineering. So all of the projects on this site will mostly involve me using Xcode on my Mac along with the Arduino IDE and sometimes maybe a little bit of windows use.

Anyways, enough of this talking, let’s get on with some science!

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