About Me

I am a student at the University of Leicester studying Electical & Electronic Engineering. I am currently doing a 3rd year project which involves coding a program which is able to track and fly a remote control helicopter using an Xbox Kinect. This is all done using OpenKinect, OpenCV, Xcode and the Arduino IDE on Mac OS X.

The code I produce for the 3rd Year Project is not currently available for the public to see but once I have completed it I will upload it to GitHub where I should also be updating and improving the code with further projects.

I also do a few other personal projects from time to time which I will also be talking about here and also posting up relevant code 🙂

There are quite a few times, while doing my projects, when I can’t find anything on the Internet to help me out! Quite a bit I scour the Internet trying to find solutions to things and I just can’t find a simple answer. It gets really frustrating sometimes! But I always manage to work a way around it and figure it out in the end 🙂 so when I do figure all this stuff out I will post the solution on here for everyone to see. Also, I may even have a few objective-c classes that people will be able to download from my GitHub page.
So there will be a bit more help on the Internet for all your coding problems 🙂


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