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Finding a responsive CSS system

I have spent a stupid amount of time looking for a responsive CSS theme to use for my website and I just haven’t been able to find something that I like. It has driven me mental, and as a result, has caused be to go through 9 versions of the site. If you look at the GitHub source you will see how many attempts I’ve made to make something nice.

A few notable mentions are:

  • Bootstrap – I like how amazingly responsive it is and how easy it can be to build pages with, but you do get a very stong feeling of “this is an application”, something I didn’t want for my little profile/cv page.
  • Frameless – It’s a very nice idea, allowing you to use LESS and make individual elements responsive in their own way. However, it required too much effort from me to make a nice website, so I scrapped it.
  • cssgrid – It makes me sad that he’s retiring it. It is also very nice. Very minimal. It is just a bare bones grid with no styles or anything. At the time, this was perfect, but I still wanted a bit more styling for some things done for me.
  • And finally, Gridism

Gridism is also the current winner! This is due to the simple HTML required to make a responsive grid and its nice, simple styling that looks great already for what I want.

For the time being, you can see what I have created using Gridism by going to

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I haven’t posted here for a long long time. And I think it’s about time that got fixed.

Since I last posted I have done a lot. I have finished my helicopter project, acquired a coffee machine, finished another Kinect related project and done A LOT of tinkering.