It’s website time

sitefull20percentSo as you can probably see, it has been a very long time since I last posted! Well this would be because of the workload from my 3rd Year Project working with the Kinect. Well that’s completed now, and I won an award for it, and now I’m using all that expertise in my 4th Year Project!

But here’s some new information, I have been building a website, it’s hosted by GitHub and I have a nice url to go with it, it’s Check it out. It’s not much to look at the moment but as time progresses it will contain a lot more information about my projects and in particular, processing with the Kinect. And I can foresee that most of all the code will be developed on a mac for macs 🙂 apart from of course all the code thats developed for Arduino and other platforms like that…Raspberry Pi.

I will also be working on a way to get some sort of blog set up on that site too, so this blog may actually become redundant… but I think it’s probably for the best because I’ll be able to share to code and how I did it with the internet.

In the mean time…


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