A quick update πŸ™‚

Full screen and efficient Kinect viewing.

So, here is a bit of news about the project so far:

  • I have made quite a bit of progress with my project using Processing (link) but the problem was that; it was not very efficient at drawing to the screen, and I didn’t have full reign over the data, but it was very easy to use.
  • So then I made some more progress on the Objective-C and Cocoa side of the project (as you can see above) and things are going good πŸ™‚ Now I just need to get some object detection working which I managed when using Processing. I will show this off soon.

What I’m going to do soon:

  • A beginnersΒ guide to using the Kinect in Cocoa πŸ™‚ seeing as there isn’t much help out there for beginners (like I was..) I will be creating this guide to help out all them mac programmers. Also, once its done users of other operating systems may also be able to follow some of the methods used when building their own apps.
  • Get some more pictures of object detection up!
  • Then some helicopter tracking..


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8 thoughts on “Weeeyyy

  1. Piero says:

    Hello, i have write you a comment for the TVDB API post, but i don’t know if you see it, it’s a old post, so i write you there, i want say thanks for the tvdb api object idea, is very usefull but i don’t know how i can use them, i have tried to use the TVDBShowSearch class and search for a series name with this method:

    but the foundShows array is always empty, what i wrong?…there is something to setting in your api?…have you got a simple xcode project to explain me well?

    thank you very much

    • Piero says:

      Sorry if i write you again, but i have done :), now works! but i don’t understand how i can select a different language, i’m italian, where i can set the language?

      • jamesreuss says:

        Hi Piero, sorry for the wait, I’ve been a bit busy with university and things. Good to hear that you got it working in the end πŸ™‚ I think I might know how to change the language to Italian but I will have to get back to you as I am out at the moment. I will also release a simple obj-c program on the GitHub site which will show how to use it.

        Something which you could try to get the results in Italian would be to change the language value in the address string where it says “en”. I’m not sure what the code is for Italian but I’ll have a look πŸ™‚

      • Piero says:

        thank you for your answer :D, i’m working on it all the afernoon and i’m arrived at a solution:
        it’s simple to add this: &language= at the end of the link for searching the show and at the end “it” for italian or other language :D, now i have another question, how i can retrieve the image of the show? πŸ˜€

  2. jamesreuss says:

    wicked πŸ™‚ well, I haven’t done much work with loading image files just yet in my programming experience, but if its the episode image it should be quite easy, just download the image data from the URL that is contained in the “coverPhotoURL” object in TVDBEpisodeSearch and then i think maybe put that in an NSImage or something. But you may have more experience with that than me.

    But if you’re wanting the season/show image then i think it might be a bit more complicated and some new methods will have to be made for it. Ive had a quick look at:
    You’ve probably already seen that from reading your other posts, but that has quite a bit of information in, all of which i used to create the API so far. From the looks of it though it looks like I might need to do quite a bit more work on the classes to make it awesome and I will do it eventually πŸ™‚ i promise, i just don’t have the time at the moment because of my engineering project. But soon enough I will re work the classes to make it so they can retrieve even more information and they can easily return it back to your application.

    Sorry I can’t provide much more help at the moment but if you like you are welcome to become a contributor to the code on github and make it better πŸ™‚

    • Piero says:

      Ok, i understand :), thank you for your answer, i take a look at the wiki api of the tvdb and i look for a solution :D, however i think you make a great work with that api :D! really thank you very much πŸ˜‰

    • Piero says:

      hello again:), i’m studying the tvdb api:

      and i don’t understand this step:

      Step 4: Get base information for each series
      a. Retrieve /api//series//all/.zip and extract .xml and banners.xml.
      b. Process the XML data in .xml and store all data.
      c. Download each series banner in banners.xml and prompt the user to see which they want to keep.
      Note: Make sure you record from each series, since it’s returned in updates as .

      now i have two question:
      1)what is the ?
      2)i have tried to set instead of that mirror pat_zip that i don’t know what is mean this: http://www.thetvdb.com and with the ore string to complete the url, and give me a .zip file, now my second question is this, how i can use the zip file in Xcode?

      i hope you can help me, i’m stopped here 😦

      • jamesreuss says:

        Hey Piero, i think wordpress may of gotten rid of the text in your first question. I think wordpress likes to remove less-than and greater-than signs 😦 but for the second question to use zip files in your program you will probably need to use an external library, i don’t think anything comes built in with Xcode. So yeah, have a look about on the internet for an open-source library that you can use. I think I’ve heard of one called libzip before but i don’t have any experience with it.
        Also, what i think might be a bit easier is if you don’t go down the .zip file route and get all the paths for the images through other ways using the API.
        You can get the links to all the banners by using:
        And this will give you all the links to the the banners (or posters and also season images) related to the current show. Then all you have to do is download the image in your app.
        Hopefully I’ve answered your question and this helps you πŸ™‚ if not though feel free to ask me again.

        Also: on a slight side note, I’ve noticed that in the classes i put on github i have left my api key in there for everyone to see and use :S so, if you would, would you be able to sign up for your own api key and use that instead? I just don’t want everyone using my api key and then thetvdb.com website telling me off for using too much bandwidth or anything. Thanks πŸ™‚ serves me right though for leaving it there….

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