Lots of Kinect Point Cloud Views!

Well, today, wow, oh my god, his PA, this is a big one. So today I managed to get a few things better with the Kinect cloud view in the KinectiCopter app.

The view is able to display in both colour (RGB data from kinect) and just plain white. I have also created a new KCKinectController class which is able to collect the kinect data and control the display of 4 separate NSOpenGLViews, isometric (just rotatable at the moment, might stay this way..), front view, top view, side (right) view.


Also, error handling! well, error handling for there being no kinect connected. if the program detects no kinects connected then it will display a message in the console and quit 2 seconds later. Obviously in later versions this will be changed so that the user will receive a better error message that they can actually see without opening the console app.

I’ll put up a post sometime soon showing how I managed to get so many instances of NSOpenGLView all showing one point cloud with just one set of calls for the Kinect point cloud. Then everyone will be able to do it 🙂 except I won’t be putting up my own code cos thats for my uni project!…

Lovely stuff.

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2 thoughts on “Lots of Kinect Point Cloud Views!

  1. Benedikt says:

    Hi, James !

    Currently I’m working my way through http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920020684.do
    Making things see, but would very much like to follow along doing Xcode and objective C – which is what you’re already doing !

    Great – would you mind sharing some of your code over at github ?

    Greetings from Berlin


    • jamesreuss says:

      Hi Benedikt, I’ve not seen that book before, thanks for the link 🙂 it looks really interesting but it seems like its all about working with processing, which I’m not using at the moment for this project. Actually, I think I might get that book, looks like its got some pretty good stuff in.
      But yes, I will put up some of my code for the Kinect. At the moment I can’t make all of my code public as it is part of my 3rd Year Engineering project and it can not have any external input apart from my own research but what I have been planning is putting up a proper tutorial for all the budding Mac/Kinect programmers out there.
      I’ll have that tutorial up shortly and I’ll have some code up on github even sooner probably 🙂 so keep checking out this site. I am currently trying to get one more thing sorted with processing of Kinect data and then I’ll be ready to share it with everyone.

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