How can I do some processing of Kinect data?

The next task in my project, find out the location and size of all the objects in the scene! Sounds a bit tricky…

After a quick bit of looking around I found PCL (the Point Cloud Library) which contains a lot of functions all to do with manipulating and calculating features and other things to do with point clouds, the stuff the KInect gives us 🙂 good stuff.

Lets give it an install and have a play with the tutorials (they look wicked, definitely the best tutorials for a library I’ve seen so far 🙂 ).

So. After trying many attempts of an install over a week! I finally got it to install properly. That was soooo hard! I documented down the easy way of doing it in the end so I can share it if this next bit works out… After it was all installed properly everything seemed awesome until I tried to compile a sample C++ code in Xcode. This did not work out so nicely 😦

I think the problem is that Xcode does not see the correct header files or it is looking in the wrong place for them. When trying to #include the PCL libraries it makes you put the folder “plc-1.4/pcl/…” at the front which messes up with all the other #include statements within the header files as they are only looking for “pcl/…”.

So after lots of hunting on the internet for any way I can fix this I tried compiling the sample code with CMake using the defined method and it worked fine! This led me to believe that the libraries were all working fine and that it was just something to do with how Xcode works.

So, I did lots more searching around and found a post (look near the bottom) which talks pretty much about the problem I’m having I think. So what I need to do at some point now is uninstall homebrew and the libraries it installed and install macports and install it that way. Which will involve A LOT more painful installing and compiling (because macports takes loads longer for some reason) and I find its harder to use (I love how simple the commands for homebrew are 🙂 )

So, when I eventually get round to installing this, which may be sometime soon, I’ll be able to come back and tell everyone how it went and how to fix/avoid all the problems that I came in to.

Please, please, please let PCL work. It would make things sooooo much easier!!


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