My First Github Repo

I have just set up github and uploaded my first repo of the Media Sorter project so everyone can see what I’m doing.

As of now, the Media Sorter runs in the status bar and allows you to perform a manual update of the video files found in the downloads folder. It is able to search through this folder to find your videos, then extract the show name, series number and episode number. It then uses the TVDB API and the library that I created to retrieve the relevant data for that show from It doesn’t yet allow you to apply the changes to the files, or move them to your preferred location but I will do this soon 🙂

Also, the code is probably pretty messy at the moment as I’ve been running into a few hiccups recently with my coding. It is all sorted now (hopefully no bugs :)) but it is probably still in the mess that I left it in.

I also have a feeling that I will be rewriting quite a bit of the JRMedia files to make them more efficient/better but that will become apparent at the time.

Anyways, peace out and all that…

Oh yeah, I totally forgot…durrr… if you want to see my github site go to:


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