The Beginning of The Media Sorter

The other day I wasted a lot of time and decided to make an application which searches a directory of your choice for media files, picks out the relevant information from the file name and then renames it to follow a certain naming convention (such as “Show Name S01E02.avi”).

So, I managed to get it to do all that. Now what I want it to do is using the information its already gathered:

  • Find information on the internet, from maybe, and get the episode name.
  • If the file is an .avi file then don’t convert it and give it an orange file tag with the new filename.
  • Otherwise if it is an .m4v or .mp4, just change the file name without converting.
  • Then, if it is a .mkv find a way of repackaging it as an mp4, then rename it.
  • Finally, move the file from its current location to another location specified by the user. In my case an external hard drive.

So, yeah, the next step is to find a way of finding the information I want on the internet and extracting it. That might be a bit tricky.

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