Let’s Begin

So heres my first post 🙂 This site will contain lots of things that I get up to with my projects and ideas.

One project which I should be talking a lot about at the moment is my 3rd Year Project which involves me using the 3D imaging of the Kinect to track a small RC Helicopter around a room and control it. It will involve the use of Arduino to help me send IR commands to the Helicopter from my computer. And finally all this will be done on my Mac 🙂

When I have been looking around not he internet there really doesn’t seem to be much use of Mac’s in this sort of field of Engineering. So all of the projects on this site will mostly involve me using Xcode on my Mac along with the Arduino IDE and sometimes maybe a little bit of windows use.

Anyways, enough of this talking, let’s get on with some science!

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